What you say impacts the way you and the people around you act.
Reduce bias by educating yourself around the meaning of your words.


The "Learn" feature of our website will provide context and connotations of the misused words. There are four topics that are avaible on our website and you will be able to choose the topic of your choice to learn about the terms that are oftenly misused.

Topics Include: LGBTQ+, Race, Disabilities, and Gender


Now that you've learned the correct meaning of words that are often misused, it's time to quiz yourself! The "Quiz" feature on our website allows you to practice how to use words in the correct context. By learning how to use words the right way you can finally become a valuable member to your society!

Study Features from Quizlet Include: Match, Flashcards, and Learning the Words


Our "CheckMyText" feature allows you to submit a text and we will it analyze to see whether or not your text is appropriate. If you are using any misused words, there will be words highlighted and suggestions of alternate words to use.

Word of the Day: Transgender